A top-notch Anesthesiology
Department is in place.

Experienced and practicing the most advanced techniques available.

The Department of Anesthesia at the Vanguard Surgical Center

As you learn about and are introduced to our new center, one inherent theme of all our partners and staff is safety and trust. In this regard, we also feel that one of the most important parts of any successful surgical center is the anesthesia staff. Here at Vanguard, we understand that and have some of the finest anesthesiologists in the tri-state area. Every full time member of the department is board certified, and Ivy League trained. Not many, if any, ambulatory centers can make that statement.

In addition, they have close to 50 years of anesthesia experience combined among caregivers in the department. Rest assured, you will be in great hands during your experience at Vanguard ASC. We welcome any questions or concerns about your anesthetic and our Director of Anesthesia will personally discuss any topic you wish to present. Vanguard is proud to have Maywood Anesthesia Consultants as our anesthesia providers.


Surgery and Patient Fear
often go hand in hand.

We're here to dispel your fears and ease your
concerns before they ever become a concern.

Vanguard is about patients declaring victory.

Any doctor’s medical and ethical reputation grows naturally from personal recommendations and positive patient experiences. We’ve taken that thinking into the credos of our whole facility. The doctors and staff you will encounter at Vanguard have all worked in large scale hospital settings. They’ve seen the problems firsthand and the subsequent patient frustration that follows. So naturally we understand that the doctor-patient relationship is first and foremost built on trust. Healthcare decisions by patients in the end are not made with ratings or statistics, they are made by real people from their heart.

At the Vanguard Surgical Center, we’re here for you. We understand your fears and concerns. As the saying goes, “it’s only minor surgery if it’s not your surgery.” Along with this transformative model that we are helping to create in modern healthcare, one thing we will never lose sight of is that our story remains geniune. Simply that the finest doctors and staff in a wide variety of sub-specialties are out to make a difference. It’s patients first. Our patients are looking for quality care, and they are counting on us to deliver it.

What about Pain Management?

The Vanguard Surgical Center wishes to make every effort to promote the health, safety and welfare of our patients by establishing requirements for the assessment, monitoring, and management of pain.

Pain management is the assessment and treatment of pain. The treatment of pain may include the use of medications or application of other modalities such as heat, cold and massage. Pain means an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage or described in terms of such damage. We use a pain rating scale as a tool which results in an assessment and measurement of the intensity of pain. A visual pain rating scale is used for the cognitively impaired and non-verbal patient.

Our facility shall also seek information from the patient’s family, caregiver or other representative, if available. We will develop a treatment plan based on information gathered during a patient pain assessment that identifies the patient’s needs and specifies appropriate interventions to alleviate pain, to the extent of feasible and medically appropriate.

The assessment of pain begins on admission, and when warranted by changes in a patient’s condition and self-reporting of pain. If pain is identified, a pain treatment plan is implemented or the patient is referred for treatment and consultation.

Should you require additional assistance at home, arrangements must be made through your doctor’s office.