Operation is usually not
this type of game

Trust hand-picked top surgeons in a our state-of-the-art surgical center.

The Vanguard Surgical Center is a state-of-the-art multi-specialty ambulatory surgery center located in Maywood, NJ, and is a refreshing new breakaway from traditional surgical care.


In response to our rapidly changing healthcare landscape and the Affordable Care Act, several prominent subspecialty surgeons envisioned a place where innovative surgical care can be delivered by an outstanding cadre of surgical specialists alongside hand-picked anethesiologists, nurses and support staff.

The facility is owned and operated by top physicians in a variety of specialties. Only the most highly skilled surgeons with impeccable judgment can obtain surgical privileges to operate at Vanguard. We invite you to become part of a level of surgical care which is indeed transformative and will serve as the model in an area of healthcare reform.

Patients receive the highest quality care that is cost effective and resource efficient in our beautiful, safe surgical center.

Yep, we're different.

Our belief has always been that a "one size fits all" healthcare system
will never deliver the outstanding care that our patients deserve.


When you enter into our facility and process, you are simply looking for top quality surgical care. We get that. But we’ve advanced it into a top team approach. Our vast experience has taught us that outstanding results are most consistently achieved, and in turn seamless, when your chosen surgeon is operating on you alongside our chosen team of exquisite nursing professionals and experienced board-certified anesthesiology personnel. Day in and day out.

Our partners (all top surgeons in their fields), understand that this philosophy is essential to a fulfilling patient experience. In fact, it is one of the main reasons we formulated this facility, to advance to a more modern and efficient system of surgical care reform.

We’re transparent. We’re informative. Most of all, we know you don’t care about the health care system. You care about your health.

So do we.

Ever wonder where doctors
send their relatives?

Sounds a little funny doesn’t it? But I’m sure it may have crossed your mind.


Doctors know the best of the best, just much the same as any professional knows their given trade or industry. And talent usually migrates to talent. That’s what we’ve created at the Vanguard Surgical Center. In addition, our surgeons undergo an accreditation process that is more rigorous and targeted than that of larger institutions. All of our surgeons are vetted by our most experienced surgeons with the most highly respected judgment.

"Hello, I'm Doctor Average. I understand you may need surgery."   Sound familiar?

Tired of the typical
bureaucratic red tape?

It’s actually one of the reasons we got started with our facility.


As a patient you might not seem directly affected. But the hospitals surgical administrative process, delivery of surgical care and periphery management are all under heavy regulatory burden. Which in our view neither adds to or improves your overall care. In fact, it quite often hinders it. Add to the fact that current policies and mandates in place at the insurance and hospital levels have basically caused an absence of free market principles and cost shifting for surgical care in the United States. Thus making much of it cost prohibitive to the average patient. The Vanguard Surgical Center is a refreshing break from the norm. Our patients know the costs of surgery and related expenses and treatment right from the start.

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